Review Formatting Guidelines

Header information

Following the official title of the resource, reviews will be attributed to the reviewer and include title, place of employment, and contact information.  


John Jones, Bibliographer, East Asian Collections, Thomas J. Watson Library, Metropolitan Museum of Art,

File naming conventions

Drafts may be submitted in MS Word or Google Docs format, using the following file naming convention:


Image captions and file naming

Image captions should describe the content illustrated, not the image format (omit the phrase “screenshot” except possibly in film stills). Caption text is lowercase and does not end with a period. Image file names should follow the format ShortReviewTitle_Image01.png [or .JPG]

Alt text

Reviewers should also provide alt text (alternative text) for each image. Alt text offers a brief  description of an image’s contextual content in order to support accessibility (via screen reader devices) and optimize search engine retrieval. Alt text descriptions should not: repeat information from the caption; use the term “image”; exceed 125 characters; or simply describe surface appearances (good example is “website home page including links to search and browse functions” vs. “screenshot of the website home page with square menu tabs running across the top of the page linking to search and browse pages”).

For more information on writing alt text see: